Fit Feature Friday – Meet Judy!

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This week’s fit feature is Judy!  Judy has been a member at Better Bodies since January.

Judy Lat Pulldown Side

One of Judy’s favorites – lat pulldown machine

Judy admits at first she was intimidated by Better Bodies.  There are so many machines, and each one does something different, so at first, she stuck to the treadmill.  Judy also started taking BLAST classes on Mondays and Wednesdays.  She learned about personal training when Kathy brought it up in class one day.

Judy signed up for personal training with Tyler.  She mainly wanted to get more familiar with the machines and what they do.  The results?  She has lost over 10 inches since January, is much stronger, and she feels so much better.

Judy enjoys Group Fitness BLAST class because there is a little bit of everything in an hour: cardio, weights, stretching, meditation.  The other class members are very inclusive, and they will check in on you if you miss a couple weeks.

Judy joined Better Bodies after learning about it from a friend at work.  Since then, she has convinced her husband to join, too.  “I just like it here.  It feels good,” she said.

One of Judy's favorites - lat pulldown machine

One of Judy’s favorites – lat pulldown machine


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    Way to go, Judy!

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