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One of my New Year’s Resolutions for 2017 was to try things outside my comfort zone.  One of my “Better Bodies” resolutions is to try every class we offer.  I killed two birds with one stone when I tried Kathy’s Saturday morning Step Class!

You may have noticed the stack of steps in the Group Fitness Room.  People use these adjustable-height steps for several classes including CORE and Power Pump. Step class, however, is a whole different animal!

Saturday Step

High-energy, low-impact

Gin Miller invented Step Aerobics around the same time as Better Bodies got started.  A trainer suggested she rehab a knee injury by stepping up and down on a milk crate. She ended up using her porch step and eventually custom-made her own perfect-height step to use instead.  She set it to music, and voila step was born!

Step Class involves choreography that revolves around some basic moves:

Basic: Step up and down with the same foot

Lunge: Keep one foot on the step and bend into a lunge when your other foot hits the ground

V-step: Step out wide one foot at a time and then back together one foot at a time

L-step: Stepping up forward and then off the step to the side

Repeaters: Step up with one foot, raise your opposite knee, step back with that foot gently and repeat for however many counts is called

These steps are very familiar to anyone who has ever done any type of aerobics class before.  Luckily, I have.  But…I am not very coordinated, and I was nervous about the choreography that everyone else seemed to be familiar with.

Here’s the thing about Step Class, though.  I looked around the room and a lot of people were doing modifications.  I was one of two newbies, but even the seasoned step veterans were making modifications where they needed or wanted to.  Some people didn’t have any risers under their steps.  Some people had several!  Some people didn’t do the fancy up-and-over moves or L-steps.  Instead, they stuck to the basic step during those counts.

On the other hand, some people added their own flair!  Step Class always sounds like a party with lots of whooping and cheering and laughter!  More advanced members added spins and even managed to use the steps of the people around them without crashing or causing any disorder.

I didn’t have to worry about looking like an idiot.  In reality, nobody else cares!  Someone did stop me during class—to tell me my shoe was untied.  People smiled, said hi, introduced themselves, welcomed me to the class.

No need to be intimidated!

No need to be intimidated!

The class itself is high-energy but low impact.  I’ll be the first to admit that I should do more cardio, so this definitely wasn’t a class I was used to.  There aren’t breaks between songs, but you can leave or stop at any time to get a drink, take a minute, etc.  The energy in the room is contagious—by the end of the hour, I was yelling the countdown with the rest of the class and caught myself smiling and laughing.  And it’s a great workout.  I definitely got my heart rate up and was sweating.

Step Class Advice:

  • Introduce yourself to the instructor and let her know that you are new
  • Check your self-consciousness at the door
  • Double-knot your shoelaces
  • Stick to “basic” when the choreography gets too tricky
  • Try the class more than once before you decide if it’s for you
  • Have fun!


Step Class is offered Monday at 9:15 am, Tuesday at 6:15 pm, Wednesday at 9:15 am, and Saturday at 9:15 am.

-Bridget, Membership Coordinator


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