Jami Kotera – Member

“I have days that I’d rather skip the gym or just not work very hard while I’m there, but having a personal trainer there to push me along keeps me on track – no excuses.”

“I’ve been training 3 x’s a week with Tyler since April 2016. Gone are the hi-rep, cardio based workouts. We started by going back to basics, focusing on form while using lighter weight to make sure I was doing the exercises correctly. He demonstrates each exercise and explains its purpose. This approach has improved my overall performance and helps eliminate the risk of injury.”

“Tyler has kept daily records of my progress and my strength has increased almost every week. Push-ups started at 13 and are now up to 40; deadlifts started at 165 and have increased to 205 lbs; bench press started at 95 and has increased to 115. The results I’m seeing give me confidence and motivation for the next workout and I look forward to continued strength gains.”

Geraldina – Member

“I have always been on the heavy side. I tried several diet plans but nothing seemed to work. I am an Accountant so we tend to work long hours. I am also working towards Master’s degree in Accounting. I was always tired and stressed out; too busy to workout. A family friend recommended Better Bodies to my husband. We toured the gym and after a fitness test with Liz, I realized just how out-of- shape I was. It was time to do something about it. We became members and I chose Liz as my personal trainer. After a couple of sessions with her, I knew it was the right decision. Liz has been an awesome trainer. She always pushes me even when I think I don’t have any more to give, she believes in me. I have been at BB now for 5 months and have lost 17lbs, decrease body fat while gaining muscle and dropped 2 dress sizes. While this has been a great accomplishment, my fitness journey is far from over”