Why Get a Personal Trainer for the Holidays?

Did you know that you are more likely to achieve your goals when you work with a personal trainer? Over the years, we have observed that over 80% of our members who work with personal trainers have achieved their goals including weight loss, building muscle, and even regular gym attendance! We want our members to succeed, and personal training can play a big role.

Benefits of a Personal Trainer

  • Accountability: If you have an appointment, you are more likely to show up! Your personal trainer is counting on you, and if you start missing workouts, he or she is going to want to know why!
  • Motivation: Personal trainers are your biggest cheerleaders and are going to help you push to do your best! You might not know your strength or endurance until you start working with a personal trainer.
  • Programming: A personal trainer plans your workouts, so you don’t have to worry about what to do when you get to the gym.

John training with John

  • Results: Personal trainers tailor workouts based on you and your goals. You may want to pack on muscle or maybe you want to lose 10 pounds. A personal trainer can help you with both of those goals.
  • Injury Prevention: If you don’t know how to do something, it’s best to get help with it.  You may also be using poor form (even slightly) which could lead to injury. Not to mention, a personal trainer can help you build muscle or flexibility or strengthen weaknesses which can lead to injury in the future.
  • Potential: Personal trainers can see things in you that you might not be able to see in yourself–maybe you can do a pull-up or take a minute off your mile time! Maybe you don’t even have a goal, but you just want to try something new and need some help. These trained professionals can help you!

Click here to read a story in the Omaha World Herald about Better Bodies member John Anderson and his experience.

Give the Gift of Fitness

Now that you know how Personal Training can help you, are you looking for a unique gift idea? Or maybe something for yourself? Give the gift of fitness this holiday season! Purchase three 1-hour personal training sessions for just $99! This offer can be used for members and non-members. Some exclusions apply.*

3 for $99 training certificate

Want to learn more? Set up a time to discuss your goals, health history, and how personal training can help you!


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